RF-110 FAQ

Q: How does it detect cell phone ringing?
A: It detects and is activated by the vibration of your cell phone. So, you must set your cell phone to the vibration or vibrate/ring mode. You must also strap your cell phone to the RF-110 as shown in the manual.

Q: Will it detects the ringing if I place my cell phone next to the RF-110?
A: No, it will not. You must strap your cell phone to the back of the RF-110.

Q: Will it detect other notification functions like SMS, Missed Calls etc.?
A: For any of these notifications to work, its vibration period must be long enough to trigger the RF. Since all cell phones work differently, it will be best to test your cell phone first.

Q: Are batteries necessary?
A: Batteries are for power back-up during power outages only. For normal operation, it is powered by the AC adapter.

Q: What type of battery is used for power back-up?
A: 4 AAA alkaline batteries are used as power back-up.

Q: What if I don't install the back-up batteries?
A: It just will not function during power outage, but your phone still rings as normal.

Q: Where can I get a bed shaker?
A: The optional bed shaker is available from any of the Serene Innovations dealers.